how people get busted deep web

How people get busted on the deep web

For first time darkweb users, it’s important to learn how people get busted on the deep web. Knowing how and what to do when using the dark web is crucial if you value your anonymity. People get busted using the deep web typically through sheer laziness. There are several obvious things to consider when using the deep web. In this article we will be discussing what NOT to do if you value your freedom.

How people get busted on the deep web

Firstly, it’s important to understand that although the deep web is only accessible through the “tor browser” it is by no means secure or “fully anonymous.” Tor works through a P2P system that can be compromised and decrypted with certain tools to expose your true IP or host information.

Always use a VPN

Using a VPN in addition to Tor browser adds an extra layer of protection between you and the Tor exit node you’re communicating with. Be sure to buy your vpn over Tor, pay with bitcoin, and use an anonymous email address.

When you have a VPN in place, the event of a Tor compromise or IP leak can be easily covered by an added layer of encryption provided by the VPN.

Always use a bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixers sever the tie between you and your bitcoin transaction history. Any time you send bitcoin to a dark web market, you should mix your bitcoin. If you don’t, cybercriminals can trace it back to your personal coinbase (or other exchange account )and expose your information. Or even worse, they could compromise your bitcoin wallet and flat out steal the balance.

The same goes for sending bitcoin back to your coinbase, or other exchange associated with your real identity. If someone was following the blockchain transaction associated with deep web market activity, you’d be leading Law enforcement directly to your doorstep.

Bitcoin mixers work as a middle man, they receive your “dirty” or “tainted” bitcoin, and exchange them for new, clean bitcoins not associated with you or your transaction history / identity. As a good rule of thumb, “always mix in, and mix out.”

There are a number of bitcoin mixers that do an effective job at removing all taint from your bitcoin. We have reviewed many bitcoin mixers such as Bitblender and Chip Mixer on our site, and have found they are both trusted and effective services.

Verify Taint Removal

Before you send or receive bitcoin to an exchange linked to your real identity; It’s important to always verify the legitimacy of the bitcoin mixer before sending any coin.

Once you’ve successfully mixed your bitcoin, navigate to If you’re using Tor, it will redirect you to the .onion blockchain address. Enter the bitcoin address of your new bitcoin wallet (the one you just received the mixed bitcoin to.)

You will then see a chain of transactions and information about the coin. Click on the taint analysis section. Here, you will be able to verify that all taint has been removed from your newly mixed bitcoin. In the event that it is not, you should use a secondary service to re-mix your new bitcoin and check blockchain again. Never send bitcoin to an exchange that has your trail identity on file until you are fully sure that all taint has been removed.

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