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Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer Privacy Service Sets New Anonymity Standards

Onion Mixer bitcoin mixer is a privacy service designed to mix, and “tumble” your “dirty” bitcoin with a number of preexisting “clean” coins within their trusted system. Bitcoin mixers essentially obfuscate the trail left on the public blockchain and provide anonymity to the user.

The public blockchain records every individual blockchain transaction on the network. As such, any bitcoin sent or received to your wallet could be subject to tracking or targeting by third party data miners or even cybercriminals.  Onion mixer is one of the most popular anonymous bitcoin mixers on the deep web. Due to this, we’ve decided to give it a fully detailed review and rating.

Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer Review

Onion Mixer bitcoin mixer is a trusted deep web resource that’s been in operation since early 2014. As they have primarily focused on serving the underground, they haven’t been vocal on the clear net for obvious reasons.

In addition, they are also an active part of the reddit community- unofficially posting under many anonymous pseudonyms clearly advocating the latest privacy and anonymity tools and tricks of the trade. The onion mixer business model is cause focused, and even offers competing resources to their audience as transparent means of good faith in the service they’ve built and what it stands for.


Onion mixer offers a number of advanced privacy features for their users. In addition to holding a dark web only presence, they offer a completely log free platform. No logs are kept on their servers, as such- this makes them a favorite for those concerned about anonymity.

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The Onion Bitcoin Mixer offers a randomized time delay feature- which is extremely useful when transacting large amounts of bitcoin. It’s also suggested to utilize their “multiple wallet output” feature. By doing so, users can effectively remove time based analysis from their concern list.


Onion mixer fees range from .5% – 4%. The fee amounts are set by the user on step 1. However, fees are typically randomized and added as an additional variable to throw off anyone tracking the blockchain for specific incremental transactions.. so don’t assume this is where they’re turning a profit. It’s suggested that you always change this when mixing bitcoin.

Onion Mixer Conclusion

Onion mixer effectively protects users from becoming victims of blockchain analysis. Whether you’re moving illicit funds or transacting with questionable individuals – the blockchain is a public ledger. Onion mixer protects its users from individuals or agencies following the blockchain trail.

Moreover, onion mixer keeps the nature of transactions private and allows it’s users the cloak of privacy by anonymizing their acquisition and output sources.

Always be sure to use the official onion mixer URL, to our knowledge their official clearnet address is currently www.onionmixer.com – which serves as a clearnet instruction as to how to access the official service. For direct access to their deep web service, visit:


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  1. Quick question for anybody using onion mixer: What is their minimum deposit? I need a bitcoin mixer that can tumble small amounts (less than .01) any feedback would help.

  2. this is my favorite bitcoin mixer, they work alot faster than privcoin or helix.. i will be using this one more from now on

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