libertas monero market

Libertas Monero Dark Web Market

As the demand for bitcoin makes the blockchain slower and more expensive to use and transact; A new generation of dark web marketplaces are making their footprint. Libertas Monero Market is one of such many newcomers to the dark web community.

Libertas Monero Market

Monero is one of the most anonymous, fast, and cheapest ways to move money in and out of wallets and exchanges. Many top vendors of popular bitcoin dark web markets are beginning to adopt presence on Libertas market.

Libertas Market can be joined by following this onion address:


Libertas Market Review

We experienced some intermittent downtime during our testing. It has been suggested that they are experiencing alot of DDOS attacks. We hope that they will get this resolved so that it worked a bit more reliably. However, we had a great experience with 2 vendors and the system worked great for monero.

In conclusion, we officially give libertas market our seal of approval. Their adoption of monero is much needed during these times.

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