How To Connect To The Deep Web Anonymously

There is never such thing as complete and total anonymity online. Here at DeepWeb Reviews, we sure as hell are going to get you as close to it as possible.

For those of you who haven’t educated yourself on TOR yet, this is where you should start: How to setup TOR for the deepweb

TOR does it’s very best at securing your online anonymity, but that’s simply not enough.

Add a second layer of security

Just as with everything else in today’s world- there’s always vulnerabilities and technical factors that can (and likely will) leak identifying information about your machine to interested enough third parties.

In the event your TOR browser leaks such information, it’s vital that your local machine’s information is secured and encrypted with a VPN (virtual private network)

We suggest using a private vpn service that accepts bitcoin to ensure your information is kept safe and anonymous. Always enabling your VPN before activating a new TOR session.

Who does a VPN hide me from?

When you use a VPN, all of your network activity is encrypted and completely indecipherable to your ISP, or other listening men in the middle (amongst other things…)

Always use a VPN when connecting to the deep web with TOR

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