helix light bitcoin mixer

Helix Light Bitcoin Mixer Review

Helix light bitcoin mixer by Grams is a bitcoin cleaning service that takes your dirty bitcoins and gives you completely new, clean bitcoins that have never been used on the deep web before.

Using Helix light bitcoin mixer protects your identity and conceals the block-chain history of your original bitcoin. It’s highly recommended that you always clean bitcoins before making any transactions on the deep web.

Helix light differs from it’s parent product “Helix by grams” in the sense that:

  • It doesn’t require a Grams account or require PGP
  • It doesn’t tie to any online identity whatsoever

In addition, this makes Helix Light the ideal service for someone wanting to quickly and easily wash their bitcoins without going through the complicated signup process required by Helix.

Helix Light Bitcoin Mixer Tutorial

Official Helix Light URL First, you’ll want to be sure that you’re accessing the legitimate helix light service URL. The official URL changes frequently, so if the below link takes you to a 404 or page error- please contact us so we can get it updated.

Step 1: Enter the bitcoin address that you want your new bitcoins sent to and press “Let’s Go”

helix light mixer

Step 2: Send the bitcoin you want mixed to the payment address provided on screen.

helix light status page

Step 3: It takes about 30 minutes for the system to mix and process your transaction.

As you can see in the screenshot below, this example took just about 25 minutes

Sending dirty coins out:  clean bitcoin

Receiving new bitcoins:  


  • Minimum transaction amount is .02 BTC
  • Maximum transaction amount is 20 BTC.

Helix light takes a small 2.5% fee per transaction and offers it’s users an undeniably essential service for any deep web user or individual concerned about the privacy of their bitcoin activity.


There are many scam bitcoin mixer services on both the clearnet and deepweb. Therefore, it’s important to always check that you’re on the official helix light onion world address before sending a payment.



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