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Mixing, or tumbling bitcoins adds an extra layer of privacy and anonymity to your blockchain transactions. When you use a bitcoin mixer, nobody is able to follow the source origin of your btc. Just Incase you haven’t heard the most recent news, Dream Market has developed its own bitcoin tumbling system- The standalone Dream Market Bitcoin Mixer / Tumbler.

The first benefit of the new Dream Market mixer is that it is now completely standalone from the existing Dream Market escrow system. Previously, there were performance issues during peak server times- causing deposits, withdraws, and the internal tumbler processes time out. With the new, standalone system- the bitcoin mixer is now completely separate from the existing escrow system. By separating the two, both Dream market’s escrow system, and bitcoin tumbler are able to run much more efficiently. A much needed improvement for the Dream team.

The official announcement from the Dream Team:

“Dream Market has officially relaunched our bitcoin mixer on a new standalone system. This means that no level of blockchain analysis can prove that your bitcoins come from Dream Market (or any other market) since we use our own obfuscation technology. Making a deposit and withdrawing after is now a way to tumble your coins and break the link to the source or destination of the funds. Since bitcoin tumbling is not illegal, and since we keep no logs, you now have ironclad plausible deniability with your Bitcoins. Enjoy!”

There are a number of new features implemented in the new and improved Dream Bitcoin Mixer. After thorough examination and testing of their new system; we’re excited to give them a complete and honest review.

Dream Market Bitcoin Mixer Review

Before you send your bitcoins to the mixer, you will need to have a new, clean bitcoin wallet to send your clean coins to. There are various services where you can make your bitcoin wallet such as Electrum

Once you login to your bitcoin wallet, make sure that you make 1-3 different addresses for your wallet. When done, you will be ready for the next step.

Navigate to the official Dream Bitcoin Mixer Onion URL

Dream market bitcoin mixer is only accessible over the Tor network. To access .onion websites you must be using the Tor browser bundle. Tor can be downloaded for free from https://tor-project.org. You must be using Tor to proceed to the next step.

Visit the Dream Market Bitcoin Mixer Onion URL

Enter your newly created Bitcoin wallet address on this first screen. We suggest using multiple output addresses to further increase your privacy.

dream market bitcoin mixer

Be sure to take advantage of their random time delay features to further eliminate the chance of time based blockchain analysis.

Click on “Start Bitcoin Mix.”

On the next screen, you will be provided a unique “Return URL” that you should store somewhere safe in the event your browser was to crash. This return URL is ONLY good for 24 hours, at which time it is deleted and purged from their system.

dream market bitcoin mixer

Send bitcoin to the address provided on this screen

Dream Bitcoin mixer requires only (1) bitcoin confirmation to begin the mixing process. Once the confirmation is received your bitcoins will begin the mix process and be visible on this screen.

Once the bitcoin is mixed, it is then sent to the bitcoin wallet addresses specified in step 1.

Delete your logs

Once you’ve received your bitcoin to the newly created wallet address. You should then click on the “Delete logs” button located at the bottom of the page.

dream market bitcoin mixer



  1. I read about this a few months ago on their forum. I’ll be mixing some coin later today and will be sure to give this a try and report back with my findings!

  2. Just sent .02 to the mixer with no delay set, sure enough it cleared into my account after 1 confirmation and was relayed to my clean wallet shortly thereafter. Great mixer!

  3. So happy they relaunched their mixer. I could tell having it built in their system was bogging everything down. New system works much better! Thanks for sharing admin!

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