diy bitcoin mixing methods

DIY Bitcoin Mixing Methods

Finding DIY bitcoin mixing methods can be difficult, but it’s always important to mix your bitcoin. DIY Bitcoin mixing methods are hard to come by, and using multiple Bitcoin mixers services can be costly; particularly when cleaning in large volume. Many bitcoin mixers charge as much as 5%, and in the case you’re moving large amounts at a time- the fees add up. Particularly, if you’re being ultra-safe and double-washing your bitcoin.

DIY Bitcoin Mixing Methods

Mixing bitcoin can be a tedious process, and when you do it regularly it’s important to change up your process. In the event you need to add a second mix, or “tumble” to your coin.. here’s a few tried and true methods to DIY.

Bitcoin Casino Games Online

There’s a number of bitcoin gambling sites available to users in all corners of the globe regardless of geo-IP restrictions. Bitcoin casino games are traditionally fair and balanced, however- we want to outline a few key factors to consider before using them as your personal laundromat.

When you deposit bitcoin to a casino, the transaction appears as outgoing on the blockchain. This makes your bitcoin wallet appear to be outgoing to a payee.

When you cash out, you’re receiving completely new, clean bitcoin from the pay(er) to your specified wallet address. The result, being an effective bitcoin mixing method.

DIY Bitcoin Mixing Methods

There are a number of bitcoin casino games online. Most popular of which include Onion.Casino, and Crypto City Casino. Both of these casinos are freely open to the unrestricted internet.

A more mainstream alternative is ‘s very own The downside being that they impose geo-ip restrictions. If you’re limited by your IP, try using Tor Browser, or a Bitcoin friendly VPN to gain access.

Best Bitcoin Casino Games Online

The purpose of transferring ‘dirty’ bitcoin to bitcoin casino site(s) is to break the link between you and the public blockchain. Although the temptation to gamble with your coin might be tempting, try to moderate your urges.

Transfer BTC and wait for confirmation.

When your deposit clears in, simply play 2-3 minimum bet hands at your game of choice and click the withdraw button.

Note: It’s important to create this new address anonymously. Be sure to use Tor Browser and any additional means to conceal your identity.

Cash out Bitcoin to clean wallet address

The casino sites mentioned have been vetted as provably fair. We have openly reviewed each bitcoin casino on our article: best bitcoin casino games online.  Be sure not to get distracted from the master plan.

Once you’re on the withdraw screen, withdraw your entire balance to a brand new, completely clean bitcoin wallet address.

Use only trusted bitcoin casino sites

There are a number of bitcoin casino games online that are simply designed to scam players and give them an unfair advantage. As part of our mission statement, we can fully vouch for the following casinos to use as your DIY bitcoin mixer middle man.

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