Cleaning Bitcoins To Anonymize Transactions

One of the most common misconceptions with Bitcoin is that it is a fully anonymous currency. This is not true.

Bitcoin is one of the most elaborately detailed paper trails one could ever follow, as it’s transaction history is documented on a publicly available ledger called the blockchain.

Every transaction you send or receive is recorded on the blockchain.. so if an interested party was to track transactions back to your originating address – which could be available through a third party service (such as coin base or another service that has your identifying information on file..) your anonymity would be compromised.

The Solution

By mixing and “laundering” bitcoins into a much larger pool of transactions, you will effectively mask your transaction activity and confuse any interested third parties as to the origination of the bitcoin, thus maintaining your anonymity.

Always clean your dirty bitcoins

We recommend using a bitcoin mixing service to mask and randomize the origination of your bitcoin payments. This provides an added layer of protection against unwanted third party investigations.. it anonymizes your previous activity and wallet history to anyone poking around the blockchain.

There are many bitcoin mixing services available on the deepweb. We suggest using the official Grams Helix Mixer if you’re on clearnet..

Warning: Never send bitcoin to an unnamed or non-vouched for service as these are 9 out of 10 times scams. Be sure that you’re using a legitimate mixing service and always copy + paste your onion URLs!


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