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Claim Bitcoin Cash With Electrum [Guide]

Anyone possessing Bitcoins when the Bitcoin Blockchain forked is entitled to claim bitcoin cash (also known as BCC, BCH) of the equivalent amount.

In this guide we will explore  how to move your existing Bitcoins to the Electrum wallet software and claim  BCC (bitcoin cash, also known as BCH, BCC) with the Electron Cash Wallet

Claim Bitcoin Cash (BCC, BCH) Walkthrough

Download Electrum Bitcoin Wallet

claim bitcoin cash bch bcc

In order to redeem your Bitcoin Cash, you’ll need to provide the “Electron Cash” wallet with the existing private keys to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Download Electrum For your OS

Set up Electrum wallet

claim bitcoin cash bcc bch

Once electrum is installed, we will create a new wallet. Leave the option on the first window checked to default (auto connect), then click ‘Next’.

The next screen will ask you to create a wallet file.

  • Click on ‘default_wallet’ to change the name to such as ‘transition_wallet’ if you wish.
  • Click ‘Next’ again and choose Standard Wallet.
  • The ‘Keystore’ window will ask if you wish to create a new seed. Leave this option checked and click ‘Next’.

Manage seed and set a wallet password

Electrum connects to various servers which run a copy of the Bitcoin Blockchain. You can access your wallet on various computer using your ‘seed’, which is a series of twelve random dictionary words.

  • Write down the seed that you see on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safely. This is crucial to make sure that your Bitcoins are safe.
  • Click ‘Next’ once you’ve done this and retype your seed into the box to confirm you have it noted correctly.
  • Click ‘Next’ then (optionally) set a password for your wallet.

Manage Electrum addresses

claim bitcoin cash bch bcc

Electrum will now generate addresses for your new wallet.

  • Click on the ‘Receive’ tab and find a valid address for this wallet where you can receive coins
  • Leave Electrum running and open your original wallet and send all your Bitcoins to this new address.
  • This is now your new Bitcoin wallet and you should use this for all BTC related transactions.
  • Wait until the transaction is confirmed and your old wallet is empty before proceeding.

Export private keys

claim bch bcc bitcoin cash

Now that your old wallet software is empty, you will need a list of any private keys it previously used. The Electron Cash software can use these to redeem your Bitcoin Cash.

The specific steps to do this will vary from wallet to wallet. For instance, if you originally used Electrum to hold your Bitcoins

  • Click Wallet > Private > Keys export to save them as a list in CSV format.

Download Electron Cash

claim bch bitcoin cash

This is where we will claim our bitcoin cash!

Windows users may see a warning saying the website is unsafe. As your old Bitcoin wallet is empty, the risk is minimal.

  • Click ‘More Information’ then ‘Disregard and Continue’.
  • Click the ‘Download’ button and then on the version of Electron Cash for your OS. Windows users may see a Windows Defender warning.
  • Click ‘View Downloads’ then ‘Download Unsafe File’ to continue.

Set up Electron Cash

claim bitcoin cash bcc bch

The setup process is very similar to the Electrum wallet.

  • Click on ‘Next’ to choose to ‘auto connect’, then on ‘next again’ to create a default wallet. You can rename this to something meaningful such as ‘bcc_wallet’ if you prefer.
  • Click ‘Next’ again.
  • On the ‘Keystore’ window choose ‘Use Public or Private keys’, then click ‘Next’.

In the box below paste any private keys used by your original Bitcoin wallet. Make sure only to paste the private keys.

8. Enjoy your Bitcoin cash!

claim bitcoin cash

The Electron Cash software will now generate your bitcoin cash addresses and show your balance in BCC at the bottom left.


Bitcoin Cash (BCC) (BCH) is based entirely off of the Bitcoin blockchain, therefore, all previous bitcoin transactions are openly tracable via blockchain.

It is strongly recommended that you use a BCH mixer before spending, trading or transferring your bitcoin cash.

As Bitcoin cash is so new, there are a limited number of websites that offer such services. BCHBlender is one of the most notable BCH blenders on the market.

BCHBlender Bitcoin Cash Mixer URL:

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