ChipMixer Bitcoin Mixer: Full Tutorial Guide Walkthrough

ChipMixer is a bitcoin mixer, (tumbler, blender) service that effectively hides your identity when transacting on the Blockchain. Using a bitcoin mixer enables you to remain completely untraceable and completely safe on on the deep web.

Every bitcoin transaction that you make is publicly accessible on Blockchain stores all ledger and confirmation information for every bitcoin transaction ever made on the blockchain. Any person that has your address can easily find out what addresses send you money. This information is all available to the public (and anyone who wants to use it).

Normally, when you send bitcoin, you receive a private receive address. Once the transaction is initiated, everyone will be able to see who sent those coins. Naturally, as to remain completely safe on the deep web, you need to have the bitcoin mixer in place.

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin mixers, blenders, and tumblers are privacy services available for everyone on the deep web, many of which also being available on the clear net. Bitcoin mixers mask the original address, making it impossible for anyone to see where the bitcoins came from or where they went.

ChipMixer Official URL:

Official Onion (Tor) URL:  http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/

Rather than sending bitcoin directly, you’d first send them to Chip Mixer. the mixer then sends the bitcoin to the target. This makes it so that no one can trace bitcoin back to you. Rather, the trail will end at the Chip mixer receive address, thus masking your identity. completely maintains your privacy and ensures your full anonymity. Using a bitcoin mixer is imperative, particularly if the bitcoin isn’t clean, you don’t want to leave a trail behind, or if you want to anonymize yourself.

How ChipMixer Protects Your Anonymity

Law enforcement, cyber-criminals, and third party companies only need to utilize Blockchain to identify the origin and destination of money. By using bitcoin tumblers, such parties lose trace of the transaction trails, and typically move on to new targets.

Particularly if the bitcoin  is stolen/fraudulent, drug related, deep web market related, or any other questionable-by-nature; It’s imperative to remain anonymous with Chip mixer.

In addition, large wallet balances drive attention to you through Blockchain analysis. Never underestimate what investigators and interested parties are capable of. is what you need to get started with anonymous bitcoin transferring.

ChipMixer Official URL:

Official Onion (Tor) URL:  http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/

Double Mixing Bitcoin

To ensure maximum anonymity, it’s advisable to double mix bitcoin before transferring in or out of your personal wallet. Used prior to, or after Chipmixer- a secondary bitcoin mixer such as bitblender gives you an added layer of protection between your privacy, and anyone attempting to violate it.

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