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Chip Mixer Bitcoin Tumbler

Chip Mixer is a bitcoin tumbler service that has been around since 2016. In addition to it’s bitcoin mixing services; this bitcoin mixer offers some unique and exciting features most of their competitors don’t.

Chip Mixer Review

When you begin the mixing process, you have 48 hours to make a btc deposit to your unique chip mixer address. Once your deposit is received, there are a number of unique features to consider:

Split / Merge Privacy Features

Much like other bitcoin mixers, you have the ability to split or consolidate your bitcoin. By randomizing and consolidating your payments, you can quickly clean multiple bitcoins at once. In addition, you can output your new (clean) bitcoin to multiple output addresses.


  • You can split big chips into two small ones ie. 0.064 BTC chip into two 0.032 BTC chips.
  • You can merge two small same-sized chips into big one ie. two 0.032 BTC chips into 0.064 BTC chip.
  • If you only have big chips, you can split them before donating.

All of these options are completely optional, the existence of these options simply increases your privacy.

ChipMixer Official URL:

Official Onion (TOR) URL:  http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/

Mixing Fees

In the past, bitcoin mixers have charged extraordinarily high fees for the use of their service. Unlike many of it’s competitors, Chipmixer allows you to specify your own mixing fees, working on a donation basis. This is something we found to be a brilliant business move for the space.

Betting & Donate

You can bet a chip (any btc amount) to either receive twice as big one or receive nothing. Their site claims that the chance to receive big chip is around 47% and is provably fair.

Betting and donate allows you to change possible output value. Even if blockchain analysis may assume you will receive permutation of chips, they cannot predict how much you’ve lost / won betting or how much you’ve donated.

As with the split/merge features, you don’t have to use it – existence of this option simply increases your privacy.

After our initial tests with Chipmixer, we decided to give their ‘bet a chip’ feature a try.  I’m typically reluctant to gamble, but for the sake of this review’s integrity we decided to give it a shot as it’s practicality really does make sense in the grand scheme of things.

  • First bet we made was for .005 btc. I won .010. (+.005)
  • Second bet made was for .001 and I lost (+.004)
  • Third bet made was for .005 and I lost (-.001)
  • The fourth bet, I wagered .10 and won .02 (+.019)

Overall, During our initial tests on their bet system I’m comfortable saying that their 47% odds are well within their claims.

The additional layer of randomization is nice, and it did seem to make the monotonous process of mixing bitcoins a bit more entertaining while still serving a legitimate privacy purpose.

Chip Mixer Final Thoughts

After testing chip mixer multiple times and strenuously verifying their legitimacy, we can highly recommend Chip Mixer as a solid bitcoin mixer service.

Their fees are extremely flexible, making them ideal for those mixing large amounts of bitcoin. Additionally, they require only 1 confirmation for amounts less than 10BTC; making their service lightning fast.

ChipMixer Official URL:

Official Onion (Tor) URL:  http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/


  1. sent them $500 worth and it cleared in about 45 minutes. a little slow, but the fee was low and service worked great.

  2. how long does it take to get coins after withdrawl? I’ve been waiting about 30 minutes and still nothing 🙁

  3. We send these guys .25-.50 btc every day and have never had any problems. Chipmixer well deserving of this review!

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