bitloader review

Bitloader Bitcoin Mixer & Anonymous Mastercard Service

Bitloader bitcoin mixer and mastercard services provides users the ability to mix, exchange, spend, and cash out cryptocurrency assets in a number of ways. In this bitloader review, we will be outlining the various features offeres by bitloader.

Bitloader Review

In addition to offering a free bitcoin mixer service, bitloader also offers an alt-currency conversion tool similar to shapeshifter. They also offer both a virtual and physical mastercard which can be used anywhere mastercard is accepted online. We will be reviewing each of their features below.

Bitloader Virtual Mastercard

The Bitloader virtual mastercard is a free feature available to all users. There is a 1% per transaction flat fee, which is deducted from your balance automatically. The card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted online. Users are also able to specify billing information anonymously.

Based on our research, there is no other company that offers such services. Based on feedback submitted by our readers, the virtual card works excellent for PayPal and many other services where prepaid cards are traditionally declined.

Bitloader Physical Mastercard

bitloader reviewJust as with the bitloader virtual Mastercard, the physical card may also be configured anonymously with your own respective billing information.

We ordered a card prior to writing this review to give our readers a non biased opinion on everything start to finish.

The card took about 1 week to arrive. They offer the option to ship directly to PO boxes. The card may be shipped anywhere worldwide. Both the virtual and physical mastercards support local fiat currency conversion, allowing users to withdraw or spend funds from any ATM in the world, to their local currency.

Both card services work great. Offering users an instant way to convert, transfer and spend their crypto assets in near real time.

Bitloader Clearnet Address:

Bitloader Tor Onion Address: bitloadrhdllov77.onion

Bitcoin Mixer

bitloader reviewAdditionally, bitloader has a built in mixer tool, which allows users the ability to clean coins prior to spending or withdrawing.

By mixing coins, users with high risk assets are able to further cloak their identity. This is a common way to obfuscate the blockchain transaction trail. The bitloader bitcoin mixer receives and re-deposits clean, untainted coins into the users e-wallet balance. Based on our blockchain analysis all coins received during testing came back 100% taint free via blockexplorer.

Alt Currency Converter

In addition to the bitcoin mixer privacy tool, users are also given the option to withdraw their deposited bitcoin into several other supported alt currencies. Once a deposit is received and credited, users may chose to convert their funds into Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash.

By exchanging coins for alt currencies, users are able to withdraw their newly acquired alt coins into a destination wallet of their choice.

Both the bitcoin mixer and alt currency conversion tools are a great way to ensure full anonymity.

Bitloader Review Conclusion

In conclusion, given the number of privacy and anonymity features offered by bitloader, we give them a full 5 stars. In addition, they are heavily focused on providing anonymity to their client base. After several weeks of research and user submissions we’ve decided to add them to our list of top bitcoin services.

The Bitloader service is accessible via both the clearnet and deep web, and the direct addresses may be found below:

Bitloader Clearnet Address:

Bitloader Tor Onion Address: bitloadrhdllov77.onion

What’s your experience with bitloader? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I use their mixer alot but figured the virtual card wouldnt work for my needs but good to know. Thanks for the post

  2. ever since bitpay wanted ID and alot info from me i decided not to use them anymore but now i am trying bitloader so far it is working good i am waiting for my card still but i was very pleased that they allow mail forwarding services to receive it

  3. Don’t use the clearweb address, it’s all over Google. Anything on the clear web can be traced – for those concerned about privacy.

    But Bitloader works great, I have 8 cards and the maximum daily limit can be raised if you make the request!

  4. ordered my card today to a drop box. Can’t wait!
    I’ve been trying to find an anonymous bitpay card for weeks!

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