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Bitcoin Mixer Guide

Bitcoin Mixer Basics

When you send BTC to a bitcoin mixer service, they mix your bitcoin with other bitcoins on the system. Once the bitcoin mixer completes the mix, it then sends new bitcoin to your specified wallet of choice. The purpose of using a btc mixer is to anonymize yourself on the blockchain and protect your privacy online.

A common misconception with bitcoin is that it’s anonymous. Fact being, is that it’s not. Bitcoin transactions can be traced easily on the public blockchain by anyone knowing your wallet address. This opens you up to being targeted by cyber criminals, having your funds held by an exchange, or worse- arrest for being associated with illegal activity.

Why use a bitcoin mixer?

Those concerned with maintaining their privacy online most commonly use btc mixers before sending or receiving coin to an exchange associated with their real identity. Reasons for concern are to mask/anonymize previous illicit activity transacted with the btc; or to protect their information from potential cyber criminals.

Due to the public nature of the blockchain, it is strongly recommended that you use a bitcoin mixer any time you’re sending or receiving bitcoin from questionable or illicit sources. In the event that the bitcoin was to be linked or tied to an investigation or interested third party, your information would be clearly available to pursue.

Best Bitcoin Mixer Services

There are a number of safe and secure bitcoin mixers on the clearnet and deep web. Many mixer services such as BTCBlender offer advanced features such as random delays, as well as multiple output addresses to further maximize anonymity.

For deep web users, it’s recommended that you use a bitcoin mixer that offers onion URLs. Hidden onion URL’s can only be visited via Tor browser.

Deep Web (Tor) Bitcoin Mixer Services

Dream Market – http://mixdrbd2mlg5oztv.onion/

BitBlender – http://bitblndfpglsj63w.onion/

CoinMixer – http://coinminj7oengi3s.onion/

Onion Mixer – http://nologs5v3izpluuu.onion/

ChipMixer – http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/

BTCBlender – http://blndr4azr2dizj2c.onion

Alternatively, there are a number of trusted clearnet bitcoin mixers accessible from any web browser, such as Bitcoin Blender, or the clearnet alternative to Coinmixer. It’s important to review the pros and cons of each, to find the right mixer for your specific needs.

Visit Official URLs

Just because a search engine shows you a result, doesn’t mean that it’s authentic. Before sending coin, be sure to research and ensure that the service is reputable and trusted. Always visit links from a trusted source and be sure to have a secure connection when accessing.

For more trusted bitcoin mixer reviews, as well as details and comparable features of each service, visit: our best bitcoin mixer reviews section.

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