Best way to mix your Bitcoin Cash in 2018 using

Just like Bitcoin (BTC) is traceable, your Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is also traceable back to you. It is very important when using BCH, you mix your coins. Right now bitcoin cash transactions are all chained together in a public ledger permanently to be investigated by anyone such as Law Enforcement at a later date. The transactions are very traceable from one BCH wallet address to another. Fortunately, by using a trusted bitcoin cash launder service such as, you are fully unidentifiable and protected.

When you’re ready to start mixing your BCH use the URLs below. It is recommended to use the Tor Onion URL if possible for extra protection.

Visit BCH Coin Mixer Official URL (Clearnet)

BCH Coin mixer Onion URL (Tor): http://bchmixizghs6jary.onion

To start click the Participate button, and you will need to enter new Bitcoin Cash wallet addresses that you wish to receive the fresh clean coins to.

Next, continue to the next screen after entering the CAPTCHA. You send your dirty tainted Bitcoin Cash to the address the service provides. Make sure you save the letter of guarantee first incase your browser crashes. This is proof that your coins were sent and the service guarantees to help you recover any bitcoin cash if anything were to go wrong. As of 2018, The BCH Mixer service does an average of 80 bitcoin cash coins mixed weekly according to their statistics so you should have no issue with trusting an established veteran service.

What’s your experience with BCH Coin Mixer? Let us know in the comments below:


  1. Finally a mixer that sends you exactly what you request and lets you know the fee ahead of time. will use again

  2. i sent almost 8BCH to this mixer only thing that sucked was had to wait for 3 confirmations but bitcoin cash is so much faster and cheaper to use than btc the wait wasnt that long at all.. about 17 minutes

    only advise is remember to set your delay to 0 hours on the participate page or you will have to wait probably a hour and a half for the new coin

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