Anonymous Ethereum Mixing Service Review

Ethereum is all the hype lately and is basically the new Bitcoin. Everyone is trying to get in the action. It is still important you always mix your tainted ETH and obtain new Ethereum before cashing out or spending on any transactions.

By using the trusted ETH CoinMixer, you will be able to receive new clean ethereum within minutes (unless you use the delay option)

Visit ETH Coin Mixer Official URL (Clearnet)

BCH Coin mixer Onion URL (Tor): http://ethmixmmcfalcw2s.onion

After you comlpete a ETH mix, you can verify your new coins are really fresh by visiting a website such as EtherScan or Ether Chain. This is the blockchain that all transactions are recorded into permamently. Simply look up your clean wallet address and ensure your old coins are not in the taint analysis. After testing several mixes, we find that the ETH Coin Mixer is 100% untraceable and truly gives you fresh ethereum.

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  1. i made a new wallet on to receive the fresh 2 ETH this mixer sent me but does any1 know any good computer wallets? im currently using electrum when i use bitcoin but ethereum all i use is some stupid website wallet

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